“A woman's sensuality is her sacred gift to the world, a treasure to be cherished and revered.”

Monique  x

Welcome to the spicy section of the site and if your reading this it means your considering getting a shoot done with me!

Are you a mum or woman wanting to regain your confidence and feel sexy again or are you a future bride wanting to organise something cheeky for hubby to be? Or perhaps you're wanting to bring back the spark in your relationship and do something fun together OR you're just a bomb ass woman confident in her skin and want to celebrate YOU.

Jump over to my instagram page @untamedspicebywillowandfinch and read over the "get to know me page" to see if i'm the right fit for you. 

Enjoy the naughty gallery below and I hope to meet you soon!

A letter from Monique, to you...

“Monique has shot me in every single stage of life and motherhood and I couldn’t be more grateful to her for capturing so many moments in my life so perfectly. 
That being said my MILF minis spicy shoot is one of my favourite experiences I’ve ever done! Monique has the most unique way of being the best hype girl ever ! She makes you feel comfortable and confident AND it is such a fun time shooting with her ! You might walk in feeling nervous and unsure, especially if you’re like me; I booked the shoot and instantly though “who do I think I am” “I’m not sexy” “I have a mum bod, saggy belly skin from growing two babies, I’m not at the weight I want to be” - the self doubt thoughts were endless ! But I didn’t cancel (she wouldn’t have let me anyways, she knows me too well and would have encouraged me to not back out)

I walked into my shoot being anxious and thinking even though she’s good at her job of shooting and editing, is she going to be able to get HOT shots of someone who doesn’t see themselves that way at all… by my god… I walked out of that session feeling so amazing and confident thanks to all the hype ups. Getting my photos back I literally said that surely can’t be me, I have never seen myself look like that and it gave me an indescribable confidence boost. Monique does not alter body composition etc, she fine tunes images but does not alter how your body actually looks and to know that was legitimately my body on the screen was incredible. The feeling of being more than “just a MUM” was so empowering. Not feeling like yourself, thinking your body has changed and you’re not where you want to be, feeling the least sexy of your life? BOOK THE SHOOT! You’ll be amazed at just how much it changes your view of yourself ! You will not regret it 💛 “

"Monique has shot me at every single stage of life."

Love Letters

- Bridget



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