Capturing beautiful blooming mamas  at all stages

Monique  x

Hey mama...

Big moment, soak it all in! Whether your at the beginning of your pregnancy journey or the end its always important to sit back and appreciate where you are. You're growing your tiny little love and now its time to document this moment.

This can be either a really joyous moment for you or a time filled with anxiety. In my experience as a photographer and a mum of 2, you're either absolutely in love with your new body or you might be struggling mentally with who you see in the mirror. Which ever way - I SEE YOU. Ive had both these experiences with my pregnancies and let me tell you having that time of my life captured helped me more then I can ever express. Its why I have a big passion for shooting maternity because I love showing women how beautiful they truly are even when they don't feel like it.

I like to shoot between 30-35 weeks and theres a few reasons why shooting in that gestation is important to me. The first reason being its a time where you're usually feeling good, you're not as exhausted and you're still feeling like yourself, the second reason is that its imperative to me that you receive your maternity gallery back before bub arrives so that you can enjoy them. It makes you feel more connected and excited

OH and Ive got something else I want to discuss...
It doesn't matter if your belly is round, oval, stretch marks or your rocking a little mum pouch, You're worthy of being and feeling beautiful. I didn't have a round belly at all. I lost a substantial amount of weight before I feel pregnant with my first daughter and as a plus size women I felt deeply insecure about my body, I felt I didn't deserve gorgeous photos because of that and i knew in my heart that wasn't true.

I have over 7 years experience shooting with every single body shape there is, I also teach other photographers how to capture mamas in full bloom so I promise you that your story is safe in my hands.

There are so many different ways we can capture your journey, Every story is different so i'm always open to ides you may have. I also have locations that I use frequently and I love to get creative. 

Hope to see you behind my lens soon 

A letter from Monique, to you...

"How do you manage to capture emotions so perfectly? All of the photos just emanate love and beauty. Your eye for capturing women's body's is an art form and you truly have a special gift!"

"Your eye for capturing women's bodies is an art form..."

Love Letters

- Love Story Client