family & cake smash




"A photo is a return ticket to a moment that is otherwise gone."

Monique  x

The years flash before your eyes as a parent, I know that all too well. Your little ones grow right before your eyes and you look back and realise life was too busy and you missed the way they use to walk or the way they skipped when they ran. My family sessions are entirely child-led. We run around, we play and we create memories through micro experiences. I don't put a cap on how many images I deliver but instead my packages are based around time spent.

I deliver the entire collection, every detail, every laugh because your treasured memories shouldn't be defined by a certain amount of images delivered in a package.

Now if we're talking about the cake smashes, they are great for your little 1 year olds or even for you at 30,40,50 or 60! Sweet little sessions shot at a beautiful location. You bring the cake and decorations and we shoot family photos before the cake smash.

Check out the gallery below and I hope to meet you soon!

A letter from Monique, to you...

"What a piece of perfection. Truly blown away at the authenticity, beauty and creativity of all of this.

Willow and Finch, you are just outdoing yourself each and every time. You, my girl, are an absolute game changer, the few sneak peeks i've received already have us speechless. This is something you see in galleries and people pay thousands for. Then here's me sending it off for printing to hang in my home...

What it honor it is to have you capture this story for us."

"This is something you see in galleries and something people would pay thousands for."

Love Letters

- Family Story CLient