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Transforming moments into masterpieces to cherish forever.

Monique  x

Thinking about getting your birth captured but your not sure what that means? Lets chat!

Firstly, being invited into a sacred birth space is so humbling for me. Ive been lucky enough to capture births for a while now and I have to say its one of my favourite moments to document. 

For me the way I capture a birth is solely on connections. All the tiny details you forget while you're focused on every contraction. I see the moments between you and your partner as they are supporting your every breathe, I see the moment you want to give up but you find strength every time, I see a new woman being born as she brings her baby into the world. 

We will either meet up for a coffee if you have the time, or a phone call chat so we can discuss all the finer details and what moments you're wanting me to capture. There are a few things that some clients don't want me to capture and thats okay, I also have clients that want every single detail - everyone is different.

I have educated myself in hypno-birthing and other breathing techniques so that if you ever need a hand during labour my left hand is also unbreakable. Every birth comes with a full documentation from 5cms dilated (or if your home birthing we base my arrival time off your contractions) and I stay for the entire birth and for around 45mins post baby.

Once you've had your baby and they are home safe and sound with you. This is where I either come to your home or you bring bubba out to a location. This is total personal preference and something we can discuss for your newborn session.

In the mean time, please enjoy scrolling the gallery below and I hope to see you on the other side of my lens soon!

A letter from Monique, to you...

"omg i'm crying at my desk at work, those are fucking incredible! Thank you for capturing such a special moment. Girl, you'll be documenting every big event in my life now. So thankful for you xx"

"Girl, you'll be documenting every big event in my life now..."

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- Holly